Wellington's COolest Modern Asian restaurant Bar And COurtyard


Inspired by their fathers’ heritage and hospitality successes, Dragonfly is the realisation of a dream. It represents 3 years of planning and research for the concept, interior design, food, beverage, service style and location and is the result of an exciting and creative collaboration between restaurateur brother and sister team Brent Wong and Tania Siladi. “At Dragonfly, we have created a place that we are passionate about and that emulates our past, present and future”, said Tania Siladi.

The overall mood at Dragonfly is sophisticated, relaxed and chic. Knowledgeable wait staff, trained in all aspects of the menu, encourage diners to share dishes and order for the table rather than the individual.

Many Dragonfly cocktails have an Oriental skew, too, incorporating various Asian herbs and ingredients, such as lemon grass, lychee, coriander and ginger. The international wine list mixes new and old world selections, leaning to rieslings, amoratics and pinot noirs to accommodate the Asian flavours and staff are geared up to make wine recommendations to match specific dishes.

Adjoining the bar is an intimate bamboo courtyard garden where you can dine and drink alfresco. Thoughtful details are abound, such as a scroll depicting the owners ancestral village in China, wooden masks purchased by the owners father in Hong Kong and an origami menu. Antique Asian treasures such as the Chinese reception desk, Japanese men’s coat and bronze opium weights used for trade on the Silk Road, now attached to the wall as coat hooks, are functional and decorative and complete the ambience. Dragonfly is a truly refreshing and memorable dining experience.